The Self Actuating Lifter is ideal for loading Lorries or transferring loads to mezzanine floors. Once turned on the Lifter is totally automatic and looks after itself.


Place the load on the platform and the load sensing valve starts the Lift raising the load.

Remove the load at the top and the platform automatically returns for more.

Typically the Lifters are used for raising sacks of product in warehouses and farms, although, because of their extensive use in the Tyre Industry they are often referred to as ‘Tyre Lifters’.

Flexible Design:

FOX-VPS are able to make alterations and modifications to the Lifter to suit specific applications and installations.

Further Enquiries:

If you have a requirement for either a standard item or a custom made lifter, feel free to call now on 01276 670063 or use our web form contact page which allows you to send drawings direct from your desktop.