The Hydromech tyre lifter is manufactured by FOX-VPS Ltd based on the original drawings from Brimplex-Eccles Ltd.

The Brimplex-Eccles Ltd sack lift as it was known then was manufactured to assist coal merchants in loading their wagons before going out on delivery rounds and was used all across the UK. Brimplex-Eccles Ltd were based in Camberley, the current location of FOX-VPS Ltd.

After the waning of coal the Brimplex-Eccles sack lifter was bought out by Hydromech Manufacturing and manufacture moved to Aldermaston where it was marketed to the motor industry where it is used to lift tyres onto lorries for transport.

In 2012 the drawings to the lift where brought by FOX-VPS Ltd and manufacture returned to Camberley.

Today the Hydromech tyre lifter is again available for order in its original design as well as with modification to support alternative uses.

We welcome all enquiries for stand and variant models, please feel free to call with your enquiries.

The Hydromech Self Actuated Lift is activated when a load of 40kg or more is placed on the platform raising the load to the top and then when the load is removed the platform automatically lowers. These load specifications can be modified to suit customer requirements.