FOX-VPS can undertake all types of repairs to the Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter. The the product is essentially simple in its build and readily repaired by most metal working shops FOX-VPS are always happy to carry out both routine maintenance and damage repairs.

Routine Maintenance

FOX-VPS can undertake routine maintenance to ensure seal integrity, battery condition and oiling of all moving parts such as pulley, cylinder and carriage rollers. Routine maintenance can also cover minor repairs such as compromised welds, bent frames and electronic fittings.


FOX-VPS can undertake full repairs to damaged Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter such as broken frames, fractured lifting plates, broken electrical connections, bent cylinders and faulty hydraulics.


FOX-VPS can carry out Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter refurbishments including the replacement of all critical components (seals, batteries, wiring and cables etc) as well as full strip down, welding work and powder coating.