Traditionally the Hydromech Self Actuated Lifters were used for lifting coal onto lorries for delivery although they later became popular among the motor trade for lifting tyres onto lorries.

Coal Deliveries.

Historically the original Brimpex-Eccles Ltd Self Actuated Lifter was used by coal merchants to load flat bed delivery lorries with coal. The self actuating lift allowed a two man team to load a lorry at the coal yard with minimal effort. A man would move a 55kg bag of coal onto the platform triggering the 40kg actuator and then lifting the sack up so the man on the lorry would take the sack and stack it on the flat-bed lorry resulting in the platform lowering again and ready for a new load. Unloading was easy for the coal men who would collect the sacks from the lorry, carry them to the customer and then drop them requiring no lifting an minimal effort other than carrying 55kg bags on their back.

Tyre Lifting.

A more recent application for the Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter is for lifting tyres into the back of trucks for transport. The loading method is the same for coal whilst unloading is as simple as rolling the tyre off the lorry under gravity.

Bale Lifting.

The Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter is also suited to loading bales onto lorries or up to heights. Examples of bale loads includes:

  • Crushed Cardboard bales
  • Cloth bales and Bolts
  • Straw
  • Crushed Metal

Dock Loading.

The Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter can also be utilised in high bay dock areas for articulated lorries unload and is used for support in unloading small vehicles such as vans and cars.

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Gravity Conveyor Lines.

The Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter is also used for lifting loads in-line on gravity roller conveyors, typically placed at 50m stages. Whilst the standard model can be used on conveyor lines FOX-VPS can also manufacture custom units to be used in automated lines.

Other Applications.

The Hydromech Self Actuated Lifter offers the potential for many other applications. If you have an idea or specific application then we would be glad to discuss your requirements.